By: Alejandro Huacles / Interior Designer

One of the most outstanding styles is definitely the Cusqueño, being this the most representative of this art and also the one with the most trend in decoration in Europe and North America. It has various techniques and stages of production. This consists of carving the wood with manual tools that are covered with various fillings to later be covered with sheets of gold, silver or copper leaf on the surface of the wood, which causes a metallic effect, to generate the appearance of having been made entirely of gold or another metal but not wood.

The most requested traditional mirror is shaped like a sun, also called Inti in Quechua dialect that, according to their historians, the Incas and their people worshiped the sun, giving rise to the Inti Raymi or Festival of the Sun, one of the most representative activities of the Inca culture in Peru, which is celebrated every June in the city of Cusco and attracts great tourist interest.

These mirrors are well known within churches, convents and cathedrals, due to the great cultural richness that they connote since colonization.

Within this same style, over the years, the polychrome technique has been incorporated, which is made by painting the wood with various shades of colors and patinas that remarkably highlights the carving of the wood. This style is basically born to generate more joy with its very striking colors.

The cuscaja style, an energetic style. The main characteristic of this style is painting the glass on the reverse, this technique combines creativity and the ancestral way of elaboration, creating a unique value for each piece that is complemented by joining the glass with a wooden base to later generate various finishes. . It is a style that in particular generates a lot of life since they are made with a wide variety of colors and shades.

Back in the 16th century during the colonization of Peru, the Spanish brought to Cusco, one of the most traditional arts that exists in Peru, carved wood work that merges two ancestral cultures, the western one, as well as the local indigenous one. They developed styles that have been worked on up to the present day.

Cusco’s colonial art is currently made of wood and its derivatives. These are divided into 4 different styles and their main source of inspiration is nature.

Finally, we have the style Contemporary, which, as its name says, is current, modern, which is basically the fusion of all styles; however, achromatic colors such as black and white are mostly used, with details in gold and silver. The forms are also cleaner and today they are in demand in the world market due to their easy implementation in any residential or even commercial space, since it adds character and culture to an environment.

The birth of a Peruvian mirror over the centuries and the cultural fusion has generated many fruits in styles, trends, colors, shapes, in all Peruvian decoration. Today, let’s ensure that this ancestral art continues to grow and that everyone knows the beautiful Peruvian culture.

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