About us

We are a family business with 45 years of experience, we are dedicated to the design and production of handmade decorative items for the home.

Our products are made of carved wood with various styles and ancestral techniques such as the application of gold leaf, silver, copper, polychrome and glass painted on the reverse.

We develop products with various techniques and contemporary finishes with the highest standards of quality and innovation, adapting to the demands of the international market, we are also committed to preserving the traditional techniques of Peruvian crafts.

At Perudecor we place special emphasis on working with great socio-environmental responsibility, creating jobs for men and women who, with their skillful hands, allow the economic sustainability of many Peruvian families.

We take care of every detail in the various stages of the manufacturing process, making all our production with sustainable materials, which allows us to provide exclusive products of unbeatable quality.

We are currently working with great master craftsmen, creators of marvelous craft lines, in the fusion of new products full of beauty and cultural identity, aimed at customers who are in constant search for innovation, quality, design and authenticity.

Handmade Perudecor gathers and transmits all the essence of our brand, we We dedicate ourselves to the production and commercialization of products for decoration and handmade gifts in Peru, with attention to wholesale, retail or final sale clients at a national and international level, all our products are made by Peruvian hands that contribute and guarantee the development sustainable in our country.

Our goals


Our mission is to produce and market products with exclusive designs of the best quality, transmit to our collaborators the craft trade and preserve our traditions.

Satisfy the demands and needs of our customers, working with great social responsibility, always complying with the principles of fair trade and environmental protection.


Being a leading company and positioning ourselves in the national and international market as a solid and exclusive company of decorative items and handmade gifts, complying with the highest standards of quality and services for the satisfaction of our customers, placing special emphasis on working with great socio-environmental responsibility.

Our Alliances

In 2020 we started a new project, we joined forces to merge two ancestral craft lines, wood and textile art, this initiative led us to create new designs initially focused on the international market.

“United for Love of Art” was born as a new alliance with outstanding master craftsmen who make artisan lines from different regions of Peru, the purpose of this alliance is to diversify ancestral techniques with contemporary finishes and high standards of quality and innovation, designing and creating new merged collections full of identity and artisan creativity, thus executing a comprehensive strategy allowing our companies to mitigate the negative impact caused by the health emergency in the artisan sector, our main objective with this alliance is to preserve ancestral techniques and spread our traditions to through art, strengthen and reactivate our entire production chain.

Together we want to reach the national and international market with exclusive handmade products with identity.