By: Alejandro Huacles / Interior designer

Now if you are a much more contemporary person, I recommend the contemporary style by its very name, since they are mirrors, smoother and with very little or no ornamentation, predominantly black and gold. With more modern shapes that complement your decoration depending on the style, although remember that today, it is in trend to combine at least two styles and make them yourself.

We already know the styles he handles PERUDECOR and that over the years they have evolved in terms of carving and the new colors that each year they create together with artisans and designers, (read article No. 1). Once you know them, it will be much easier for you to find that mirror that reflects your personality and the perfect gift for a friend or family member.

A Peruvian handmade mirror is not just a decorative object, it is a piece with identity, it is a gift of culture, it is giving someone the value of each artisan’s carving, since each piece is unique and requires many processes to become what it is. it is, a piece of art.

For each lifestyle, each personality and each character there is the Peruvian Handmade Mirror designed for you.

If you are a person or you know a very classic one, lover of ornaments, and gold, definitely you must consider the classic circle or oval that you can see in the image (left side mirror) Perudecor has it in different sizes and models. it’s a piece basic For lovers of the colonial, and I would dare to say that even vintage. That mirror screams elegance wherever you look at it, wherever you place it.

Followed by this, if you are a more classic-modern person, I recommend a mirror Cuscaja. That shocks! The most important colors here are chosen by you, but my suggestion would be dark colors like emerald green, blue or turquoise. You can complement it with crosses or much smaller mirrors and create compositions. You could place it at the entrance of your house, on top of your console and add plants. Your house must reflect identity and personality!

The artisanal fusion it has generated many unique decorative products such as ceramics in various colors and patterns. The recognized Chulucanas potteryIt is complemented with the techniques of colonial art giving way to the creation of works finely finished with gold leaf and characteristics of the region, so we also have traditional pieces adapted to the demands of a new generation.