By: Alejandro Huacles / Interior designer

Being handmade gives it enormous value since absolutely each piece created is unique and different from the others. The rays of the sun are also unique, and they come in different sizes and colors. Lightning generates vital energy for our home. What’s more, I believe that every family at home should have at least one Peruvian handmade mirror since, as I said before, it emanates a lot of positive energy, as well as being something unique and also something that we should feel proud of.

One more essence that denotes a Peruvian handmade mirror is the exclusive shine of gold leaf, if the sun falls indirectly on the same mirror it creates a magical atmosphere generating greater warmth.

There are different ways to reach the essence of a Peruvian artisan mirror since Peru is a multicultural country and full of riches in colors, shapes, and textures, but what is the essence itself?

All part of the sun. This star with its own light that provides light and heat to our planet, to our homes, to the rooms of our own home, this star that generates these sensations are the same ones that Peruvian artisan mirrors provide us at home.

The colors in the Peruvian highlands, the textures of the textiles, the shapes, as well as the flowers, all of this impacts the artisans as inspiration to create these pieces. From flower details in Cuscaja styles (read article No. 1), the very intense reds of the colonial style, the emerald greens with details of flowers transmit nature to the interior of our home.

The light blue color is clearly inspired by the Andean skies, clear and blue, and with thousands of stars in the firmament. The essence of Peruvian mirrors is also born from flowers, as in the photograph, in addition to the hand-painted flower drawings on the back of the glass and covered either in gold or silver leaf that give us that Peruvian identity.

So, the essence of a Peruvian handmade mirror is basically everything that naturally surrounds the artisan and what he wants to convey to us. In other words, bring nature and elegance inside our beloved refuge: Our house, our home.